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The firm deals with family and inheritance law. The firm provides personal, professional and reliable treatment according to the client’s needs.

The firm has extensive experience in complex divorce cases in Israel and abroad, including inheritance files, property distribution, financial agreement, home peace agreement, child and wife support, cohabitation, common law and more.

The firm is a prominent and leading boutique firm in the field of family law and inheritance, and enables the construction of a strategy according to the client’s needs and the stage in which he is in life.

The firm manages many family files for both Israeli and European clients.

Each case is managed by Adv. Simhi personally. Over the years, Adv. Simchi has assisted many clients in overcoming the divorce easily, while focusing on the client’s desire. The firm faces the fact that handling divorce cases and inheritance is a matter of life law. Of Adv. Simchi expressed from the field of assistance in acute situations.

Adv. Helena Simchi has extensive knowledge and experience and works hand in hand with the client to help him reach the desired goal.

Adv. Simhi represents all Family Courts throughout the country, in the District Court and the Supreme Court, as well as in Rabbinical Courts and Rabbinical Courts.

Adv. Helena Simchi is also a mediator with a specific specialization in family law and has led many cases to successful completion within a short period of time to customer satisfaction. In many cases she solves complex disputes through professional mediation in order to prevent the escalation of the conflict and avoid a lengthy legal process that includes many expenses.

The firm works in cooperation with experts from other fields, including: financial and pension consultant, psychologist, marital counselor, private investigator, real estate appraiser, etc. in order to build a relevant envelope that will lead the client to the desired destination.

The firm’s clients include: judges, lawyers, public figures and individuals

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Our vision

I came to the field of family law and inheritance from human love and after managing complex crisis situations, which helps to understand divorce situations, managing and resolving family and business disputes.
The firm sees its ability to assist an ideological mission and provides personal, professional and reliable treatment according to the client’s needs and the stage at which he is in life.

Values ​​on which the Ministry is based:

Reliability and integrity – The firm operates with complete transparency, allowing the customer to participate in everything that goes on all the way to achieve the best results for the customer.

Professionalism and Excellence – The firm has extensive experience in complex divorce cases in Israel and abroad. The firm is constantly working on expanding and deepening professional knowledge while participating in conferences in Israel and abroad, keeping abreast of new legislation and rulings, and giving lectures in family law and inheritance to lawyers.

Commitment to the Community – Adv. Helena Simhi is a volunteer in the framework of the Bar Mitzvah program of the Israel Bar Association and takes part in activities and contribution to the community.

Commitment to the Environment – Protecting the environment while saving energy and using the tools that are used twice

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areas of expertise


Financial agreement

The Financial Relations Law is intended to regulate the financial affairs of spouses, especially when they are couples with large economic gaps.

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If you are at the beginning of a divorce procedure, then in order for the other spouse not to automatically inherit 50% of the estate

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Joint Parenting Agreement

If you are thinking of having a child out of wedlock, you must make a joint parenting agreement.
A professional and good

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